Founded in 1958 with our Children’s Day Program, the Center now provides comprehensive services for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We offer a wide range of programs and supports that include Day and Residential Services for both children and adults, Employment Services, and Community Habilitation.

Date Founded: 1958

President & CEO: Walter W. Stockton

Executive Director: Jay Silverstein, P.h.D.

Administrative Office Location & Contact: 72 South Woods Road, Woodbury, NY 11797; (516) 921-7650.


Children’s Day Program – The Children's Day Program at the Center provides a comprehensive 12-month educational program designed for children aged 5-21 with an educational classification of Autism, Intellectual Disability, or Multiple Disabilities. The program's primary objective is IEP goal achievement, to enhance students' level of independence, and enabling them to engage actively in their community and future achievements.

Children’s Residential Program – The Children’s Residential Program focuses on students’ strengths and interests in the areas of pre-vocational skills and recreation with a calm and supportive approach to connect to our community and come together as we learn, grow and reach our fullest potential.

Adult Residential Program – Person-Centered homes throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties that support individuals to live up to their unique potential.  Residents are encouraged to be active participants in their home, neighborhood and local community.

Adult Day Services – Day Habilitation Services support individuals to maintain and learn new skills while enjoying new experiences and activities on-site, during volunteer opportunities, and in the community and provide each person with an engaging and meaningful day. We strive to provide opportunities for exploration, social interactions, creative expression, and personal growth. 

Vocational Support Services - Vocational Support Services customizes services and supports that enable individuals with intellectual disabilities to seek and sustain gainful employment based on their unique and maximum potential, while contributing to an employer’s needs and the community’s overall enhancement and benefit.

Community Habilitation – The Community Habilitation program provides one on one training and supports to individuals with intellectual disabilities to develop or enhance the skills needed to live more independently in their home or while out in the community. The program helps individuals to become more active and engaged members of their community, promote socialization, and improve their capacity for independent living skills.

OPWDD Housing Subsidy - The OPWDD housing subsidy is a government funded program designed to support income-eligible individuals with I/DD who choose and demonstrate the ability to live independently in the community.  Individuals must be financially and legally responsible for their housing unit as a responsible tenant and are expected to contribute 30% of their countable income toward housing costs.

Number of People Supported: 520

Number of Employees: 517

Operating Budget: $39,794,307

Oversight & Funding Agencies: OPWDD [Office for People with Developmental Disabilities]; NYSED; OCFS.


Our Logo:

The Center uses the flower in its logo as a metaphor for the nurturing and blooming of dreams.