Learn more about the Center's Nursing and Clinical Services.


Nursing ⇒

The Center’s Nursing Department provides round-the-clock oversight of routine care and supports to maintain and improve health through treatments, monitoring of chronic conditions and identification/treatment of acute conditions for all individuals served. The nursing department provides training to all staff on health maintenance, medication administration, signs and symptoms of illness along with any other specialized training needed.

Questions? Please contact the Center's Director of Nursing, Bonnie Ramadan, by email at BRamadan@centerfordd.org, or by telephone at (516).921.7650 ext. 453.


Clinical Services ⇒

The Center provides a range of professional clinic services throughout Children’s Residential, Adult Day and Residential programs.  All clinicians are responsible for providing services directly, as well as to train staff in their respective disciplines.  All clinicians also participate as part of the interdisciplinary treatment teams to ensure personalized and collaborative support to all individuals.

Questions? Please contact the Center's Director of Clinical Services, Christopher Brady, by email at CBrady@centerfordd.org, or by telephone at (516).921.7650 ext. 449.