In today's business world, motivated, dedicated and dependable employees are key to a company's success. Through the Center's Vocational Support Services, we support people with differing abilities who are determined to grow as employees in the marketplace and as individuals in their communities.


Vocational Support Services meets employer needs by connecting you to a non-traditional labor pool of motivated individuals who take nothing for granted and prize the opportunities afforded them. Each job applicant is pre-screened for work readiness and schedule availability and is coached by an experienced Employment Training Specialist. Customized employment supports designed to enhance success are provided at no cost for both employer and employee including assistance with on boarding and on the job training until the worker masters all job-related skills and tasks. In certain instances, tax incentives for your business are available.



Our goal is to benefit your business as well as enhance the lives of the people we serve--enthusiastic, hard-working, qualified individuals who seek to be successful at work by using the skills they have learned while overcoming daily challenges and obstacles in their personal lives. Most of the individuals hired by employers through the Center's Vocational Support Services go on to distinguish themselves as reliable, productive and valued employees. Participants in the Center's Supported Employment program average 10 years at a company. Many employers emphasize these individuals are some of their best employees and now regularly partner with us for customized employment solutions.

Eager job applicants are ready to bring their interest, skill and energy to your business with a focus on contributing to your bottom line. You get fresh talent and the opportunity to change the course of someone's life.

Hiring a worker with a disability is both a retention strategy and an employment strategy—people with disabilities have higher than average retention rates and company loyalty.


We work with you to make the connection

“Watching someone who has overcome a major challenge in his or her life and manages the disability on the job raises morale and provides a good working environment for everyone.”
--Jennifer Sheehy, U.S. Department of Education as quoted in Disability: Dispelling the Myths, Center for Workforce Preparation, Washington, D.C., December 2000