Day Habilitation


The Center offers an array of day habilitation services to adults 21 and older with intellectual disabilities through distinct community based programs and a robust Program Without Walls in Nassau and Western Suffolk Counties.  The paramount goal of our day services is to provide the training and supports necessary to help each individual achieve their maximum level of autonomy and empowerment.


We recognize that all adults regardless of ability need meaningful work, positive social interactions and opportunities to experience and learn new things.  Our primary goal is to provide a pathway for independence and community involvement for all of our program participants throughout the course of their adult lives.  Using the community as our classroom, emphasis is placed on what skills a person has and how we can use these skills to help him or her become more engaged, independent and fulfilled. When planning activities “What does the person want?” is always considered and driving the conversation.


Our flexible day habilitation programs are funded through the OPWDD Medicaid waiver, provide door-to-door transportation, and operate Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.