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It wasn’t enough for Sonja to hold down just one part-time job at this point in her journey. Though growing older but refusing to slow down, Sonja’s boundless energy, excellent work ethic and joy with being part of a team made her a great candidate for an additional opportunity at Panera Bread. Vocational Support Services at the Center ensured that Sonja quickly learned the responsibilities of her new job, developed important problem solving techniques, improved her social and communication skills and mastered how to travel independently to this new location. Sonja was quickly awarded “Employee of the Month” which is a title she earned from every job she has had during her many years at work. Customers make it a point to let management know that Sonja has made a difference in their dining experience with a kind word or thoughtful gesture. As a model employee, Sonja is not only skilled at her tasks but a positive person who inspires others to be and do better.

Sonja never fails to impress all with her “can do” attitude!