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For many years Lorraine wanted to work at a “real” job, but fear and indecision hindered her from achieving her dream. In 2009 when Lorraine first moved into an apartment supported by the Center she also joined the Center’s ACCES-VR program which provided coaching and job development services, but deep rooted roadblocks prevented Lorraine from success, and she became disillusioned.

Lorraine learned her tasks quickly and competently, and has become a well-liked and important member of the Marshalls team. She is dedicated, focused and productive as well as one of the nicest coworkers ever!

Over the years Lorraine made some good friends and her desire and ability to help others bloomed, but she was still hesitant to venture into the world of competitive community employment. In 2016 The Center encouraged Lorraine to participate in Pathway to Employment which provided her with instruction and training in pre-employment skills, and helped her develop a path for competitive employment through intensive non paid community work experiences.  Lorraine was hesitant at first, but once she set her mind to it, she participated in the program with full commitment. Lorraine’s employment skills and self-confidence started to soar as she worked through the program. Lorraine’s Pathway to Employment experience gave her self-confidence, a better understanding of what it was like to work, and a strong resume.  Lorraine performed brilliantly during her interview at Marshalls and she was immediately offered a position as an Associate. Today Lorraine proudly calls herself a “working girl” and misses work when she’s not there.