March 31, 2020

We hope this finds you and yours healthy and safe.   

Our family of adult and student residents, together with our staff have been setting the best example possible during these most trying times. There have been too many examples of patience, love and heroism to mention here, but we’d like to express our appreciation to everyone for another week of selflessness and dedication to the people we serve. 

We’ve been doing everything we can to ensure that our programs are fully staffed and equipped with the materials they need to be sure that everyone is properly supervised, well fed and protected.

We’ve been keeping abreast of the massive amount of information that is coming from our government partners to confirm that we are keeping up with best-known practices.  We’re doing our best to communicate with you, our staff and our partners in the community to make sure that no stone is left unturned.  

The diligence of our Leadership and administrative teams has been nothing less than astonishing as they provide guidance and direction with compassion and kindness to an incredible team of staff members.  

But most importantly we would like to recognize our Direct Support Professionals. They are our real heroes, coming in to our Children’s and Community Residences every day, working their shifts and then some, leaving their families to take care of ours, providing our children and adults the best they have to offer, every day and all day. We cannot begin to recognize their contribution, dedication and how much they truly care. We couldn’t be prouder to have them on our team. 

Be well,

The Center Leadership Team


March 17, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I hope this message finds you safe and in good health. 

As it is becoming increasingly important not to congregate in groups during this crucial time, all Center Day Habilitation programs will be closed as of 5:00p tonight, March 17th until further notice.

All agency Day Habilitation staff are being reassigned to our residential ICF and IRA sites during the day in order to provide Day Habilitation services in our agency’s home settings.

Families that have their day habilitation participant living with them at home will be contacted individually to see what we can do for you. 

For the safety of our residents and staff, visitation to any and all of our program sites is now absolutely prohibited until further notice.  If for whatever reason an individual is removed from their place of residence by anyone other than agency staff, be that by family or friends, that individual will not be allowed to reenter the agency residence, and therefore will be in the care of that family or those friends until further notice. 

All Center administrative services are and will remain in full operation and will always be there for our individuals, staff and families. 

We always appreciate the support we receive during critical times, and these times are no exception.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Jay Silverstein, Ph.D.

Executive Director


March 16, 2020 
We hope this notice finds you well.  Please know that we are doing everything possible to ensure that our staff and your loved ones are kept safe and sound.  To that end, please note the following: 

We are monitoring government guidance that is being updated several times a day.  With that guidance in mind, we are implementing the following immediately: 

-The Children's Day Program at the Center will be closed for the next two weeks as per Nassau county mandate. We will continue to post information as we receive it. 
- All of our ICF program consumers will be staying home until further notice, therefore they will not be attending day program or going into community settings.   
- All visitation at our ICF programs is prohibited until further notice.  Only absolutely essential medical interventions by outside parties will be allowed. 
- All staff working at our ICF programs must be screened for elevated temperatures before starting their shifts. 
- All ICF staff must wear protective masks when they’re working directly with our individuals. 
- Some of our IRA houses will be operating under these same ICF guidelines depending on the health status of the individuals in the house. This will be treated on a case by case basis. 
- All of our day habilitation programs will be in full operation until further notice. 
- We have ensured that we have adequate food and medical equipment supplies in stock, and will continue to work with our vendors to ensure that we maintain those supply levels. 
- We have prepared protocols to ensure that proper isolation techniques are in place as the need arises. 

As far as our non-ICF facilities (IRAs, Day Habs, Children’s Day and Residential programs) we continue to take measures to ensure the safety of students, participants, staff and families by limiting visitors, appointments and use of the main door only at all Center locations. 

Please remember that this is a rapidly evolving situation that we are monitoring minute by minute.   Please again know that everyone’s health and safety is our highest priority, that we’ll be keeping you in touch along the way and that we appreciate your support and patience. 
Please contact your main administrative office if you have any questions.