The Center’s Vocational Support Services are growing and currently support over 50 individuals participating in vocational experiences and competitively employed in the community.

VSS currently partners with more than 30 employers and has developed relationships with an additional 16 community businesses/organizations utilized as internship and assessment sites.

The average length of employment for the people we place is 10 years with a range from several months to 28 years on the job.


Employers include:

  • crafts store
  • nursery
  • office supply
  • movie theaters
  • schools
  • colleges
  • hospitals
  • physician’s office
  • assisted living facility
  • libraries
  • grocery stores
  • bookstores
  • florist
  • restaurants
  • bike shop
  • manufacturing and assembly plants
  • municipalities
  • local legislators
  • many more

Positions include:

  • clerical
  • mechanical assembly
  • stock/inventory
  • maintenance
  • merchandising
  • customer service
  • bagging
  • greeter
  • library page
  • entertainer
  • usher
  • floral assistant
  • data entry
  • mail clerk
  • chef assistant
  • inventory control
  • dining room attendant
  • drive through beverage maker
  • many more


Satisfied Employers ... Successful Employees


"Freddy has been Godsent to us!! He is an incredible human being. We love his work ethic. He loves being part of the MSTNY family. I am so grateful to have him here with us!" 
--Irving co-owner and manager MSTNY



"Sonja is a pleasure to work with. She completes her tasks in a timely manner and always keeps busy."
--Al, Staples-General Manager



"Alix is a perfect example of how an employee should be at work. Always on time, never absent."
--Rubens, McDonalds-Store Manager



"Megan is a wonderful asset to the Melville branch and we all enjoy working with her."
--Marie, HHH Community Library



"Jessica is a pleasure to work with. She is a great asset to the front end."
--Joselyn, Supervisor-Shoprite



"Irene works diligently when she is here. Irene tries very hard to please every customer in our stores. Her customer service is excellent and [she] always greets them with a smile.
--Craig, Manager-Michael's Arts and Crafts



"These men and women are some of the most dependable, hardworking, productive employees we have...We've always appreciated the sensitivity the Center and its coaches have to our needs and goals. Though they support and advocate for their clients, the Center has our interests as a business in full view."
--Justin, Aramark Food Service Manager



Vocational Support Services Success Stories

Nicole's Dream Job Come True
Sonja Channels All Her Energy Into Industry
Stephen Finds His Niche and Makes His Mark
Billy's Long Term Commitment
Lorraine Achieves Her Lifelong Goal of Becoming a Working Woman



As a testament to our success, the people we support and the companies they work for have been recognized for their hard work and contributions through Employee of the Month Awards, Steller Services Awards, Safety Awards, Longevity Awards, Customer Service Awards, Employer of the Year and Employer/Partner Appreciation Awards.


New York State Works for Me Winner Nicole Perlongo and Island Trees Public Library

Kenny Altieri, Joshua Streiner, Joseph Mangiaracina and Angela Wright Nassau University Medical Center Employees of the Month



Laurie Maitland and Atria Senior Living New York State Works for Me Runner Up

Irene Getto, Associate of the Month Michaels Arts and Crafts 

Caitlin Wilkenshoff with Candy and Steve Dubner Heritage Farm and Garden Partner Appreciation Award

Anthony McAllister, Longevity Award TARGET 15 years


~Celebrating Partnerships~