Update 9/16/2020

We hope this update finds you healthy and having enjoyed a beautiful summer season. It has been a unique and challenging summer for all of us and we are happy to report that we’ve been able to maintain our exceptional level of care for all of the Center’s residents, participants and students in the midst of the COVID-19 emergency.

In July the Children’s Day Program was able to begin its summer session and welcome back students who had been receiving virtual instruction since the spring. We also began to partially open our Day Habilitation programs to our participants that live at home in the community. Our residential participants have been receiving in-home programming and recently we have been able to offer community outings, at-home visits and family and friends being able to visit Center residences. Our Vocational Support Services department has 26 individuals back to work and 29 individuals participating in weekly remote learning classes.

Aided by the best staff you could hope for, along with the patience of our families, friends and neighbors; as the saying goes, we’ve been able to make the best of a very bad situation.

However, we are concerned and are monitoring two significant situations as they are unfolding.

First, the COVID-19 emergency continues as schools and colleges open to in-person learning. Going back to school these days has within it plenty of risks for both the children of our staff and our staff members that attend higher education programs. While navigating these new routines in our lives we have asked our staff to be mindful of where they go and what they do in order to keep themselves healthy. We have had discussions of how we would respond to any kind of COVID-19 activity within our agency, and how each circumstance may include the altering/reversal of our visitation and reopening plans as they stand now. (see reopening safety plans within these updates)

Second, New York State has made it very clear that they will not be shy about passing along their fiscal issues to the providers and families that care for the intellectually disabled. The Center as an agency, and part of a larger affiliate family is doing everything we can – and ask that you do the same, to remind Albany of its responsibilities to ensure adequate funding so that we can continue to provide our programs and services uninterrupted.

Advocacy Agencies that the Center works with:

  • Alliance of Long Island Agencies
  • InterAgency Council of Developmental Disabilities Agencies, Inc.
  • NY Alliance for Inclusion and Innovation
  • Regional Centers for Workforce Transformation

Use one of the following ways to contact the Governor on behalf of the not-for-profit providers who deliver the vital supports and services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities across New York State:

The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York State
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224



We will do our best to keep you informed regarding these issues.


Update 7/23/2020

As you may know, NYS OPWDD is now allowing the Center to reopen our Day Habilitation services.  We have decided to reopen these services initially on a small scale.  On Wednesday, July 22nd, our Froehlich Farm, Crossway and New Horizons programs will be open for those individuals that live at home with their family.  Below you will find the “safety plans” that we have put together for each of those locations. 

 Also, NYS OPWDD is now allowing our individuals to experience “community outings” and overnight visits with their families, as well allowing our individuals to return to their residences after an extended stay with their families.  Below you will find the protocols that we’ve developed and will need to be followed in order to insure everyone’s safety.  These protocols will be in effect as of Friday, July 24.

As always, we would like to extend our thanks and appreciation for your patience and understanding over the last several months.  If you have any questions, please call our administration building directly @ 516-921-7650.




Protocol for the offering of Community Outings for Center Residents

Protocol for the offering of Home Visits for Center Residents

Protocol for the offering of Center Residents returning after an Extended Family Stay

Protocols Effective July 24, 2020*



Over the weekend, OPWDD released new guidance relating to four areas: 1) Home Visits for Individuals in Residential Facilities; 2) Reintroduction of Individuals to Residences After Extended Home Visits; 3) Community Outings for Individuals in Residences; and, 4) Reopening of Day Services for Individuals.

Please be assured that our intention is to work within the regulatory guidelines to accommodate the people we serve and their families in the most responsible, safe manner. The regulatory guidance goes into effect July 15th, 2020. However, please understand that we will not implement changes to our current policy and procedures on July 15th.

To ensure the highest attention to safety and coordinated program implementation, our Executive Leadership Team will be working collaboratively this week to develop new protocols to integrate the new guidelines with excellence in service to those we serve.

Please continue to monitor our websites to updates, which will follow shortly.

We are projecting that our protocols will be in place and able to be implemented on or before Friday, July 24, 2020.

The Executive Leadership Team,

IGHL, CDD, Angela’s House



Dear Family Members,

            We hope that this letter finds you safe.  First, we’d like to express our gratitude for your patience and support during the last three months.  And, we would like to announce some great news that we’ve all been waiting for.  On June 16th, NYS announced that we could start allowing family members to visit their loved ones at our residential programs, starting Friday, June 19th!  While we’re thrilled at the thought of seeing you again, we need to proceed with some caution to insure that everyone stays safe and healthy.  We’ve put together the following plan, as approved by NYS, that outlines the requirements that are expected by our federal and state health officials.  Please keep in mind that these requirements can change at a moments’ notice and that we’ll do our best to keep you in touch with the latest developments.

As of June 19th going forward, scheduled family visits can occur during our regular visitation hours; specifically, from 4:00p – 8:00p, Monday thru Friday, and 10:00a – 8:00p, Saturday and Sunday.

  • All visits need to be prearranged and scheduled by family members by contacting house management. In order to accommodate all families, visitation during the first 10 days may need to be limited to 30 minutes.  After the 10th day, visits can be extended to an hour.
  • To insure safety, only one family unit will be allowed to visit the facility at any one time, limited to no more than three persons at a time, with no family member being younger than three-years old.
  • Program staff will provide oversight to ensure that all visitors:
  • Participate in a health-check: (the same health check that our staff experience every day), which involves temperature check, questions regarding travel, and observation for symptoms. Please understand that if you have a temperature of 100 degrees or higher, any symptoms of illness, or have been out of the Country within the past 14 days, you will not be allowed to visit. 
  • Wear Personal Protective Equipment, specifically regarding masks. The use of gloves and gowns will be at your discretion.  All such PPE will be supplied by the agency as needed, but we’ll be asking you to dispose of the used PPE yourselves.
  • Conduct visits in the outdoor areas, within the grounds - for infection-control purposes, visitors cannot be allowed within the facility itself. At this time, we cannot permit visitation off our grounds.
  • Maintain social distancing guidelines of at least six feet with your loved one.

We’re sorry that there have to be so many rules right now, and we look forward to returning things back to normal as soon as we can.  So again, we appreciate your patience.  If you have any questions, please contact your assigned program director or call 516-921-7650.



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Continue taking care of yourselves so we can take care of each other!