Terrence's Story

At the Center, we are dedicated to ensuring that everyone, regardless of their ability, has the chance to dream. We help create cherished memories that last a lifetime and work hard to ensure that as people who rely on the Center go through life, the support they need is available.



"My wife, Terrence's sister, and I are so grateful for the programs and support the Center provides Terrence. We just don't know what we would do to support him and keep him active and engaged everyday. The staff at the Center are just so dedicated to his needs. They listen to him, care for him, and provide the social engagement and activities he needs to get up each morning and enjoy life. The Center gives Terrence purpose."

~ Terrence's Brother-In-Law, Dan


Knowing we can count on philanthropic contributions, allows us to focus on what's important - giving people with developmental disabilities the support they need to live, work, and learn in the community of their choice. Please consider giving a gift today. Thank you!