Message from the Executive Director

The Center boasts a rich tradition of over 60 years supporting developmentally disabled children, adults, their families and the community. Government and societal changes present numerous challenges to organizations like ours and compel us to rethink historical models of operation. The Center ushers in an exciting new era focused upon meeting these challenges through excellence, innovation and a renewed dedication to our core mission. Our success integrating historical wisdom and seasoned staff with an infusion of new ideas and personnel uniquely positions the Center to lead the industry through an evolving landscape.

Fiscal stability has enabled the Center to develop three state of the art day programs and commence major upgrades to our residential and school facilities. We are planning two new group homes for students aging out of our children’s residence and an expansion of our vocational and pre-vocational opportunities for children and adults. Strategic program development paired with efficient utilization of resources has resulted in enhanced services to individuals and improved employee compensation packages.


We recently launched our Support with Dignity initiative to enhance opportunities for individuals to live with greater independence within their communities. This initiative embraces three pillars: Respectful Interactions; Promoting Independence; and, fostering Purposeful, Person-Centered Activities. Through a collective commitment to best practices in the field, the Center will advance the hopes and dreams of the individuals we serve.

I welcome you on this journey with us, so please consider becoming a part of the Center’s future.

Jay Silverstein, Ph.D.
Executive Director