Learn more about the innovative, inclusive, and compassionate programs currently offered at the Center for Children 5-21 years of age. 


Children's Day Program ⇒

The Children's Day Program at the Center is a 12 month educational program serving children ages 5-21 who have an educational classification of Autism, Intellectual Disability, or Multiple Disabilities. Students are referred to the program through their home district when their IEP goals and educational needs cannot be met in their current placements. 

Questions? Please contact the Center's Principal of the Children's Day Program, Paula Matthews, by telephone at 516.921.7650.


Children's Residential Program ⇒

Our supportive programming includes communication skills, personal hygiene and grooming, domestic skills, effective use of leisure time, family and community living and socialization.  The residential program is also designed to provide opportunities for life-long learning as well as employment and recreational opportunities.

Questions? Please contact the Center's Director of Children's Residential Program, Terry Mack, by telephone at 516.921.7650.